Dennis Dachtler – The Four Phases of Retirement

Dennis Dachtler has seen many people work their entire lives to be able to retire comfortably, only to be hit with the harsh realities of living on a fixed income. For this reason, Dachtler urges his younger clients to begin retirement planning as early as possible. As Dennis Dachtler points out, many seniors find that without significant savings, the cost of living is simply too high to relax and fully enjoy retirement.

According to Dennis Dachtler, retirement planning has four phases, which he has outlined below. Following these guidelines, the team at Dachtler Wealth Management offers assistance to clients seeking retirement planning advice.


The earlier an individual can initiate this phase, the better. As Dennis Dachtler explains, in pre-retirement, a person lays out a plan for retirement with realistic estimates of how much money will be needed to be able to fully carry out that plan. Dennis Dachtler emphasizes that it isn’t always necessary to duplicate one’s full salary after retirement, since many retirees choose not to live as lavishly after retirement as they did when they were working full time.

Early Retirement

During the early years following retirement, Dennis Dachtler has found that many retirees will often have quite a bit of energy and remain very active. This is the time in which many retirees travel the world and spend time with friends, making it one of the most expensive phase of retirement. Dennis Dachtler recommends that clients prepare financially for this time, but he has also noticed that retirees are more likely to try out a part-time job during this transitional phase. This can help alleviate boredom, as well as provide extra spending money for traveling and doing the things one has always wanted to do, according to Dennis Dachtler.

Full Retirement

Dennis Dachtler has found that once the early retirement phase wears off, many retirees settle into a more routine existence, with the initial dreams of traveling having been fulfilled. Retirees may tend to join social groups to satisfy a craving for interaction. Dennis Dachtler recommends against retirees withdrawing large sums of funds during this phase.

Final Retirement

Health can often become an issue in the final phase of retirement. Dennis Dachtler points out that this phase can tap retirement accounts, as retirees deal with increasing medical bills. Retirees may also choose to move into an assisted care facility, which can drain retirement savings.

The best time to plan for retirement is now. Dennis Dachtler and the team at Dachtler Wealth stand ready to meet with future retirees and lay out a plan for a savings strategy that will help meet your specific needs. For more information, visit Dachtler Wealth online at

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